As the show must go on, so must the education. Challenges are on, and it’s up to us to decide whether to buckle up or shift the wheel toward the comfort of our conventions. But I firmly believe that TISians opt to take the challenge.

The inevitable circumstances that the current pandemic has brought us pave way to rediscover and reconsider another alternative that will further help us in reaching you, our beloved clienteles.  With this in mind, we envisage the boon that the technology offers and we would like maximize it. Thus, this website becomes that alternative mode which aims to deliver first-hand information including announcements, updates, and activities that you need to know as we prepare for the new normal setup. It becomes another channel that you can visit anytime.

We are currently in the Information Age where we undeniably become information users and, at times, contributors. The obstructions that the pandemic has tossed us, when looked at positively, becomes an opportunity to innovate ways in information sharing as we witness ourselves become more adaptive and resilient in this kind of circumstances. As we enjoy the advancement of the technology, it is also an opportunity for us to extend assistance to those who need it.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change,” according to Stephen Hawking. Surprisingly, it is a different meaning given to intelligence as we normally define it. Never had we imagined ourselves become a part of this expedition. Yet here we are, taking the quest to surmount the apprehensions we have. This is because we believe that we are capable to accept and to adapt as we transform challenges into opportunities. We are certain that we will overcome this menace with the unfaltering hope that fuels our spirits. We will pursue learning as we continue to create the trail. Forgoing is never an option.

               Let’s learn as one, win as one, together we will withstand!




"The Department of Education (DepEd) has released the guidelines on the School Calendar and Activities for School Year 2022-2023 in accordance with its commitment to the resumption of 5 days of in-person classes."